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Book us – Comedy Hypnosis show or fundraiser Show

for all ages, and get the most entertainment for your money.

Here at Advanced Hypnosis Centers, we believe we offer the best comedy hypnosis show or fundraiser anywhere, and at the best price. We will work with you anyway we can, and always remain professional. We will be understanding to your needs. Hypnotist Mike Valmar will take your personal needs to mind, and remain professional at all times. Whatever your needs are, a school fundraiser, comedy hypnosis show, or a public speaking event, our comedy hypnotist event will be talked about for months!

Our pricing depends on two main things, your location, and how long you need our services. Obliviously we can not charge the same price for a show in Canada, as one here in Florida. Most comedy shows range between $500 – 2500.

book us – comedy hypnosis show, fundraiser, mike valmar, georgia hypnotist, school fundraiser, comedy hypnotist show

If you are a business or school, we also have the NO COST fundraiser package available. This is awesome because we supply everything needed. There is NO out of pocket cost to you, and our only fee is a percentage of the ticket sales (that we may provide). We also have smaller packages for home or private parties.

The best option, is to contact our office so we can better discuss your needs.

If you are a venue owner, we can also add a DJ or karaoke. This will take the event to a new level. This will insure more income for your business, and help with return customers.

We are here to help people with their issues or problems. Sometimes the best solution is to just relax, laugh, and have fun.

For seminars for personal improvements, the cost is usually between $45.00 – 75.00. For personal one on one sessions in my office, the cost is $125.00 and comes with a free CD for reinstatement. We can even teach you self hypnosis to help set your goals with your issue.

You can call my office, or use the help/e-mail icon on the right side of the page to contact me. If you have questions or need pricing information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Advanced Hypnosis Centers
Central Florida
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